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hey there, culinary solopreneur...

I hear you.

  • You're exhausted by the non-stop hamster wheel of your culinary business. You know that your business isn't sustainable but getting off the wheel means leaving money on the table.

  • You're one penny-pinching customer away from throwing in the kitchen towel. You're sick of having to explain the value of your expertise to people looking for a deal.

  • You're done trading catering gigs for cash! You wonder if you'll ever be able to actually enjoy the next Mother's Day instead of being on your feet all week long in the kitchen.

  • You can't even think about restaurant life. Nearly breaking your back and being on your feet for 18 hours straight is not your recipe for happiness.

  • You want to share your passion with people outside of your zip code, but you have no idea how to find them and make it happen!

here's the real talk

You joined the food world so that you could wake up every day loving what you do.

Is that YOUR reality?

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from our alumni

Take the program! It’s worth every penny and you'll earn it all back quickly.

— Jennifer L.
Culinary Instructor


FROM Sonoma TO spain TO ST. LUCIA

We are proud of our diverse global student community of chefs, bakers, caterers, cookbook authors, chocolatiers, content creators, registered dietitians, cooking school instructors, and food stylists!

The online opportunity is growing

The pandemic made it crystal clear that you need to have an online business. Online education, virtual events and remote work are growing quickly. This will lead to greater demand for public classes, courses and corporate team-building events.


The size of the global online education market in 2027.(Source: Research & Markets)


The size of the global online events market in 2028. (Source: Grand View Research)


The number of remote workers in the U.S. by 2025. (Source: Upwork)

It's time to take YOUR slice of the pie.

CCBS IS perfect FOR you IF...

  • You’re tired of the non-stop grind of your culinary business and want to get back to having FUN in your work.
  • You're overwhelmed with where to begin online and find yourself getting in your own way. I’m talking to YOU, Perfectionist Pastry Chef!
  • You’re open and willing to learn new things outside of your comfort zone and do the work to make your dreams a reality. #noexcuses
  • You're passionate about your expertise (whether self-taught or professionally trained) and you can't wait to share what you know.
  • You know that all good things require hard work and patience. You're not looking for a get-rich-quick kind of business, because as they say, "easy come, easy go!"

No idea how to get clients?

Scared of the tech?

Frustrated with social media?

it’s all good!

If you have an existing culinary biz, a passion to teach, and a willingness to do the work, you can 100% make it happen!

In Culinary Creator Business School, you'll learn EXACTLY what you need to do.

alumni transformations

Straight from the CCBS kitchen

The whole course from start to finish has been incredibly eye opening. I wasn’t confident in growing my email list or creating an automation process. I even almost hired someone to handle it for me but CCBS gave me strong knowledge on how to do it for myself.

If you want to have a successful online cooking business, take the plunge and don’t be afraid of investing in yourself or your business. Cynthia’s program is very thoughtful, thorough, and the community she has built around our industry is amazing.

- TISHA W., CHEF & Cookbook author

The biggest thing that has grown is my sales, because I wasn't charging enough for my online classes.

I’m the kind of person who wants to price things low so that everyone can join and I don't feel like my offering is maybe worth more because it's virtual. Thanks to CCBS, I got the confidence boost I needed to raise my prices!


I've gone from ground zero to 100 miles per hour. I've already sold five spots for my upcoming virtual cooking class series. I wouldn't have done been able to jump into classes and my new job as a private chef without taking CCBS.

I've started a new career, reinvented myself, and given myself hope. I'm no longer terrified of tomorrow. I know that I can use the skills I learned in CCBS to either keep working full-time or pursue it as a side hustle. It’s given me absolute 100% confidence to move forward!


Hi, I'm cynthia!

After years of running my exhausting in-person culinary events business, I was ready to make a BIG change. I was tired of trading time for money—and just plain tired. When the pandemic wiped out my events business (ahem, while I was 6 months pregnant), I had no choice but to make the leap online.

And I haven’t looked back since.

My alums have called Culinary Creator Business School the "Harvard Business School for culinary professionals". As a Harvard MBA alum, I can tell you that it this is the program I wish every chef could have in their apron pocket.

I created this program because I 100% believe that you can build a sustainable online business that lights you up AND pays the bills.

I can't wait to learn more about you and your business through your Culinary Creator Business School application!


a little sneak peek into

What’s possible for you



I learned so much about planning and marketing my classes that I hadn't thought about before. Cooking Class Business School really had it all from start to finish. I can't believe this has taken off so quickly.

I want to continue to grow this business and see where it can take me. Take the program: it’s worth every penny and you will earn it all back quickly.

- Jennifer L., Food Blogger & Consultant


I learned the importance of a niche and got comfortable with actually having one, sticking to it, and focusing my marketing around it. Once I realized that, my classes became streamlined and spread quickly.

I’ve earned nearly $8,000 so far just by teaching 2 classes per month.

- Shikha k., Pastry chef & cookbook author


With her boundless energy and limitless knowledge, Cynthia showed me how to build my email list and approach my new venture with confidence well beyond my basic questions on setting up a camera.

The financial investment was clearly the right decision for me. I have rarely seen such fulfillment of a promise from a program. I am moving forward with my fledgling business knowing that I learned from the best.



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